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Lockouts happen! We can’t avoid them no matter how careful or alert we are. So how do we prevent them from occurring? We simply prepare ourselves better. This sounds like plain common sense but following the tips in this post will definitely cut down on lockout incidences in your life; for sure! How do we know? We know because Wake Forest Locksmith handles residential, commercial, automotive and emergency lockout situations daily and we have for years. We’ve dealt with customers that were mildly annoyed and sometimes embarrassed about their situation to others that endured sheer panic and fright because of the potential danger and risk that their lockout caused them.

Wake Forest, NC is home to many lock professionals and most of them offer lockout assistance in one form or another. It’s common to advertise 24-hour lockout help but it’s best to dig a little deeper and see just what the help entails. For instance does the lock shop in question respond fast? How fast is fast? 15 minutes? One hour? Sometime in the morning? Was the phone actually answered or did you have to leave a message on an answering machine or voice mail? Is a real, in-house, licensed, bonded and insured technician on the way or does the shop just call someone else and simply act as an outsourcer?


Not to sound alarmist but minutes do count! Whether you’re outside your home and standing in your pajamas or locked out of your car in a questionably safe neighborhood, you just don’t want your ordeal prolonged. It’s even more vital when others are concerned. If a small child or elderly person is inside alone and possibly needs help then you can see where panic can ensue. Maybe you locked your dog in the car along with the keys and you need to get him out fast!

Often, food is cooking on the store or a candle may be burning when the lockout occurs. The possibility of a fiery disaster can be frightening and is often real. Each lockout is different but they all have one thing in common; they need to end!


Lockouts are never deliberate; you already know that. We are not talking about evictions or employee terminations. The lockouts we mean are accidental lockouts from home, auto or business location.

Home – We’ve all done it; go for the mail or the newspaper and the door closes behind you and just your luck; it’s locked! Or, your front door may already be locked and closed, but you went into the garage for just a moment found yourself locked in. If someone is home (adult) it’s usually no problem. If you are all alone, you can exit the garage but how do you get back in the house itself?

Auto – These seem to be the most common lockout situations. Wake Forest Locksmith services these vehicle lockouts quite frequently as it’s so easy to find yourself on the wrong side of a locked car door or trunk. Who hasn’t parked and run inside to pick up dry cleaning or waiting pizza only to discover that your auto key is still in the ignition switch? Who hasn’t loaded the trunk full of groceries or moving boxes and closed the lid sealing your auto keys inside along with your frozen food?

Business – Many times local business owners lock themselves out of their stores or offices when they briefly go out to change the OPEN sign or hoist the flag. This can be embarrassing if customers start to arrive and no one can get inside to conduct business. Even larger companies suffer lockout situations. Night crew staff members often go out for a smoke break and prop the back door open as they are usually always locked. All it takes is one slip of the door prop and you have a multiple person lockout.


Can lockouts really be prevented? Nope. Not always. But you can cut down on lockout incidences that take place in your life by following these simple tips.

Don’t hide keys- the typical key under the mat or over the door frame is NOT a good idea. This makes it too easy for a burglar to gain access to your home and loved ones when you least expect it. A better idea is to leave a key with your neighbor or trusted friend and call them if you find yourself locked out. The same goes for commercial lockouts. If you have a close by management office or you know and trust another nearby merchant; leave a key with them.

Don’t break a window – property damage is never good. You can be cut or even arrested as an intruder if something goes wrong. A better idea is to call a friend or loved one and keep them on the phone while a locksmith makes his way to your location. Doing this helps to pass the time (cuts down on bad nerves) as well as gives you a phone witness or second caller if you run into some kind of trouble.

Smartphone contacts – add Wake Forest Locksmith to your smart phone contacts list so that if we are needed and we’re on the way! If you already have a Wake Forest, NC locksmith that you use and trust, enter their telephone number but have a qualified and fully mobile locksmith ALWAYS ready to come to your aid 24-hours a day, 7 days a week!

Extra keys – you can have extra house, car or business keys made and keep them in different locations so that they are accessible when needed. For example you might keep an extra transponder key at the office or a spare house key in the glove box. This isn’t a sure fire solution but it does give you options before having to call a locksmith.

Pay attention – wouldn’t you know it? The best solution to prevent lockouts is to simply be alert and pay attention to what you’re doing and where you are. Your surroundings matter; at home, on the road or at your business, there’s no substitute for paying attention!