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Is Having a Key Replaced Better Than Having It Rekeyed

If you’ve ever had to have a lock re-keyed or replaced, you likely couldn’t determine which was best if you didn’t quite know what they entailed. Let us first start by saying that whether you’re having locks re-keyed or replaced, you’ll need the help of a reputable and trustworthy locksmith service in Wake Forest, NC, like Wake Forest Locksmith. The reason for this are obvious, you want the job to be performed correctly and you want to know that they are not going to leave the job half done so that they can break-in later. It is possible for you to save money on the services that you require from a locksmith service. If you’re trying to determine if you should have some locks re-keyed or replaced; here are a few things to consider when making a final decision.

Having Locks Re-Keyed

In order to rekey a lock, the cylinder and springs inside the lock are removed and replaced with new ones. If you have a door that will lock that will not turn, having the lock rekeyed usually works. In some cases, the lock will work better once it has been rekeyed.

Why Rekey a Lock

If you have a specific key that is supposed to open a specific lock and it doesn’t you can have the lock rekeyed and it should work. It is necessary to do this even when your changing ownership of a home. If you have given others access to your home, such as a previous tenant, make sure to have the locks rekeyed. In some instances, there is a master construction key. This has master pins that enable multiple locks to be opened. There can be at least 16 keys that will open a single home lock if it has master pins left in the lock. Having a lock rekeyed eliminates the possibility of duplicating the key with master pins in them.

Having a lock rekeyed allows a locksmith to assess the lock and its locking capability. This means they are able to let you know whether or not the lock can be rekeyed or if it has to be replaced. There are often things that can be done to avoid having a lock replaced. You may only need to lubricate the lock in order for them to begin working again. If this doesn’t work and the problem appears more serious, it might just be in your best interest to have the lock completely replaced.

Most people would contact a professional locksmith service to rekey their lock but quite honestly; this is something that you can do yourself. Many manufacturers are designing locks that you can rekey on your own. The easiest type of lock to rekey is generally those that do not have to be completely taken apart. If you have a lock that has to be disassembled, it will have lots of tiny pieces that could easily be lost or complicated to figure out. The manufacturers that make it easy offer locks without a lot of parts that you have to reassemble.

Having a Lock Replaced

When you have a key that you have had rekeyed and it is still problematic, it is time to have the lock replaced rather than having it rekeyed again. If it will not perform efficiently, let it go and move on to the next best thing. Having a lock replaced can be at your advantage in more ways than one. Not only does it offer you the security you need but you are forced to do something that needs to be done regularly anyway. If you are one to put off doing things like this, now you have no choice. When investing in new locks, just make sure you find one that is a high-grade lock that is solid and offers durability.

Some homeowners just want to replace their locks for a new look. Some buy lever handle locks because they are not just attractive but they are easy to use. This is one of the most commonly installed types of locks used today. You may already know that a deadbolt lock is a great investment considering its level of durability. It can be installed with an interior thumb turn lock and work for added protection. Electronic locks are also a very good option considering that these high-tech locks are now more affordable than ever. They also offer a superior range of convenience.

If you contact a reputable and trustworthy locksmith service in Wake Forest, NC, they will be able to make an evaluation of the locks in question and help you determine the best course of action. Although rekeying locks can be inexpensive, this is not always what is suggested, based on their findings. However, if you are told that you should have locks replaced, it would certainly be in your best interest to do so if you wish to remain safe within your home. Don’t waste your hard earned money on inefficient service providers, instead, contact the services of a locksmith who has a good reputation for providing its customers with good, solid workmanship. The quality of work that is offered by a professional locksmith services is usually better than just your old run-of-the-mill locksmith with no certifications or qualifications. While we would never tell you not to hire a handyman, we would just suggest that when it comes to your safety and security, you hire someone who has received professional locksmith training. This ensures you of the job being performed correctly. Never take chances when it comes to your safety and security.

When you depend on the services of a professional locksmith to rekey your locks, they will usually be able to offer you the best quality of hardware available. They are known for being able to give their customers the hardware that not even a local hardware store would be able to offer. This is a good reason to rely on a locksmith for your rekeying needs.