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Secure Your Home & Garage

When homeowners are busy trying to access the security of their home, one of the places that often get overlooked is the garage. Since your garage may be full of valuable things, such as, gym equipment, automotive tools, household appliances, gardening tools and more. Anything that you may not be able to store in your home, might be stored in your garage, including, your car. This is likely the most valuable asset you store in your car, unless you have a boat. In any case, if you have valuables in your garage, do yourself a favor by considering ways to secure your garage and protect our valuables. Thieves know that homeowners store lots of valuables in their garage. They are hoping that you neglect securing your garage, as many people often do. In many cases, homeowners will have a home security system but it doesn’t affect the garage. Since a thief is aware of this, they may attempt to break into your garage instead of your house. However, what poses an even bigger problem is if you are able to access your home through your garage. This is the case with many garages today.

Ways to Secure Your Garage

Although it can be a challenge to keep your garage safe, it isn’t impossible. There are locks and steel buildings that can be installed to keep your valuables safe. Even if you do not have a manual garage door, there are still locks that can even be applied to your automatic garage door that can actually serve as an extra layer of security. Having a lock on your garage door also serves as s deterrent for a would-be burglar. However, you if you are serious about keeping out intruders, you cannot use a standard door lock. The lock you use must be a heavy-duty, sturdy deadbolt lock. Your Wake Forest, North Carolina locksmith, such as, Wake Forest Locksmith, can advise you of the locks that are used to help secure garage doors.

Door Locks to Consider for Your Garage

While you may know that you should have high-security locks installed on your garage door, you may not know which ones are actually considered, high-security. Here are a few of the high-security locks that are installed most often.

  • Padlocks

    This serves as a sturdy way to secure the exterior of your door and serves to deter potential intruders. The padlock should be constructed of a durable metal that can withstand the toughest pressure applied to it.

  • Anchors

    Drill concrete anchors into interior of your garage so that the doors cannot be opened. Since they are installed on the inside of your garage, an intruder cannot remove them. A sturdy security bolt lock should be used.

  • Deadbolt lock

    This is one of the most well-known locks used for added security in various areas of your home or business. It adds the same level of protection for your garage. Have a deadbolt lock installed and you’ll be able to protect your valuables and still get in as out as needed.

Another practical way to protect the valuables inside your garage and hopefully deter intruders is to tint the windows of your garage if you have them. If intruders are not able to see what is inside, they may feel as though it isn’t worth the risk. They are generally looking to break into a garage where they feel they can get the most expensive things possible. If they do not know what is inside your garage, they will likely go to the next garage, that doesn’t have tinted windows.

Alarms are also a possibility. You can arm your garage with an alarm just like you can your house. This isn’t as complicated as you might think. When you consult with your local locksmith, they may be able to add a feature onto your home alarm that also offers protect against a break-in of your garage. Even you have you have to have a different security system installed for your garage door, it will be well-worth the investment to protect your belongings.

Securing Your Home

Even if you already have a homes security system, you may still want to make sure your home is as secure as it can possibly be. If you do not have a lock on the door from your garage to your home, you should definitely consider having one installed. In addition to adding a lock, here are some other things you can do to better secure your home.

Enhance Security

  • Have a quality steel door installed
  • Install a camera
  • Install window grills
  • Install alarm

Keep an Eye on Your Remote

Make sure you always know where your garage door remote is. Sometimes, it might fall out of your car and someone might find it. Someone might return it but not after copying the code. Be safe by always keeping an eye on remote control.

Change the Garage Door Opener Code

Most garage door openers come with a rolling code. The rolling code changes whenever you open and close your garage door. This serves to further protect you because it prevents an intruder from using the code to program another remote.

Side Doors

If you have a side door that you are able to exit from your garage, we cannot stress how important it is to make sure that door is always locked. Simply because the door isn’t used that frequently, there is the possibility of your overlooking it. It could be the one time you use the door and forget to lock it that an intruder could break-in and rob you blind. Be cautious and always double check the side door.

These are not only cost effective ways to secure your garage and access into your home from your garage; they are also practical. Protect the things that are important to you by using a little forethought before someone breaks-in and help themselves to your valuables. The last precaution to take is to make sure you watch your garage door close completely, before driving off or going in the house.