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Symptoms of Car Ignition Problems

“Start your engines!” What an exciting command! We have our car ignition systems to thank for that; without a working ignition, our vehicles are staying put! Wake Forest Locksmith offers easy and simple tips to deal with ignition problems so keep reading to see how best to deal with yours!

Car ignitions used to simply supply the electrical current to the ignition system while the engine was being cranked. This of course, started the car. Ignitions still do that however nowadays they also supply electricity through an accessory switch so that other car components like your windshield wipers, radio, power windows, GPS system, power seats, air conditioning, headlights and other items can operate. It all “boils down” to this; your car’s ignition system is a very complicated electronic device which allows you to activate the starting system as well as the dozen or so power components of your modern day car.

The more systems to operate, the more parts to manufacture, install and repair when they break down! One of our Wake Forest Locksmith customers even has windshield wipers on his headlights! All of these luxuries and conveniences are great, as long as your ignition works. It’s when it doesn’t that problems can arise.

Indicators That You Have Ignition Problems

So how do you know if your ignition is acting up? Today’s cars have so many parts, wires, motors and accessories that sometimes it’s hard to tell just what needs service, repair or replacement! See if any of these indicators sound like your car’s situation.

The engine won’t turn over – this is hands down the most obvious sign that your ignition is having a problem. If you inserted your ignition key, turned the switch to START and it wouldn’t turn, or nothing happened, then you most likely have ignition problems.

No Radio Signal – this is often considered a sign that the battery is dead or run down. First of all, check to see if your volume is turned down. Many a Wake Forest NC repair shop has been called for battery replacement when all that was needed was to turn the volume up. Do your lights and radio still work but the car won’t start? It’s not the battery!

Engine Keeps Turning Over – if your vehicle’s engine turns over and over in a desperate attempt to start then your ignition system is in trouble. There may be shorts in the electrical system that is causing the problem. This is easy to determine by testing with a multimeter unit.

Car Idles Then Dies Out – If your car is running but not moving, like at a stop sign, and then dies out, the problem is most likely your ignition. Get service for it as soon as possible as a faulty ignition is NOT safe and can cause serious accidents if it chokes out on the freeway or in heavy traffic.

Key Is Stuck – is your ignition key stuck and the car won’t start? Before you call for a mechanic or a locksmith, check to see if your steering wheel is just locked! Try jiggling the wheel back and forth while gently trying to remove the key or start the car. Notice we said “gently” – the last thing you need now is a broken off key in addition to your ignition problems.

One More Test – do this and see if any warning signs turn on; turn your ignition to the ON position but don’t start the car. Now, what do you see? Did the oil and brake lights turn on as well as the dashboard lights? Keep track of what are seeing. If you wind up calling Wake Forest Locksmith or any full service Wake Forest NC lock and key shop, the more symptoms you can describe the better. Do you hear a rapid clicking sound when trying to start the engine? This means that your starter motor is trying to engage with your battery and it’s not working due to a low charge. In addition to the clicking sounds, your dashboard lights will be very dim if they come on at all. It’s very important that your ignition be set to PARK and nothing else! Your car simply won’t start if the gear is in any other position. Check to make sure before you call for professional help!

Be Extra Careful!

All of these automotive components deal in one way or another with electricity, so please take extra care when working with wires, battery charges, starter switches and metal tools. If you have experience in dealing with automotive mechanics, you are probably fine, but if not; be sure to call someone who does like an automotive locksmith in Wake Forest.

Get Qualified Help

This doesn’t mean your 13 year old cousin that is trying to learn auto mechanics. When you’re sick; you call a doctor. When the plumbing goes out; you call a plumber. There’s NO reason to deviate from using a professional now! If you think auto repair is expensive, well, it CAN be! Just because you turn to the experts doesn’t mean that you have to pay huge repair bills!

Auto repair shops and car dealer service departments are known to be expensive and often, they “just so happen” to find a damaged wire or crack in the engine (wink, wink). Compound this with the fact that since your ignition switch is out, your car doesn’t run; and these guys don’t make house calls! That translates into tow fees for you in addition to your repair charges.

Wake Forest Locksmith offers a better way. Our rates are affordable and our service is completely mobile; saving you tow charges and service area waits that last seemingly FOREVER! Our insured, licensed and bonded technicians are experienced, friendly and available to you all day, and all night long! You need your car and you need it to run reliably and safely. Using the right Wake Forest, NC ignition cylinder specialists will make sure that you still can!