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Wake Forest Locksmith: What To Do When Dealing With Ignition Cylinder Problems

Wake Forest Locksmith in Wake Forest, NC has dealt with so many problematic ignition cylinders before that they have put together information for those dealing with issues who want advice. This information can help you no matter where you are located. If you’re in this part of North Carolina, be sure to call our team for assistance with your vehicle and its locks and keys. If you’re located anywhere else throughout the United States, a search on the Internet for the best locksmith in your city should reveal plenty of good results. Now, here is the information you need on problematic ignition cylinders and what you should do if you start to experience issues. This information can help you to prevent having to have your entire ignition cylinder replaced, so long as you pay attention to your vehicle and have any maintenance carried out as needed.

What is the Ignition Cylinder?

This is the key and the cylindrical tumbler that one uses to start their car. Some cars nowadays utilize keyless power and push button starting systems, but if you haven’t purchased in a vehicle in the last couple of years, you likely have a traditional ignition cylinder. Normally, you can find the lock cylinder directly to the right of the steering wheel. Occasionally, it is situated elsewhere. The cylinder works by using four positions. When you first put the key in and move it up a notch, you are unlocking the steering wheel. When you lift it another notch, you are turning on the accessories of the car, such as the radio and dashboard lights. When you turn it up to the third position, you are turning on the fuel system and last, when you turn the key and hold it all of the way, you are powering the engine. Normally, this is a very convenient system but occasionally, people end up having problems with their vehicle’s ignition cylinder. Read on for information about indications of issues.

Signs of Problems

Does your key get stuck in your car’s ignition at times? Have you had to loosen it by wiggling it around in order to get it out? Does your car sometimes not start? Does your key sometimes not go into the ignition at all? These are all signs that something is wrong. If you’re having problems powering on the car, it could be the result of wear and tear inside the ignition cylinder. Why? Because when you turn a key inside of the cylinder so many times, it will eventually begin to show signs of wear and tear, just like anything else will. If it is worn out at all, then it might not work the way that it was designed to when a key is placed inside. If you notice that your key works and does its job when it is in certain positions inside of the ignition cylinder, then it is very likely an indication of wear and tear.

Does your vehicle just not start at all? If you have determined that this has nothing to do with a dead or dying battery, then it could be the ignition cylinder itself. This is because the ignition lock cylinder is hooked up to an electronic ignition switch, and they together are used to start the vehicle. You should have an expert check to figure out why you are dealing with a “no start condition” because there are numerous reasons as to why this might occur. Sometimes, however, it is because of a problematic ignition cylinder.

If you are having problems removing or inserting your key, then there might be something wrong with your ignition cylinder. This could be because of wear and tear, as previously mentioned. When the key is placed inside, the cylinder might get jammed because of excessive wear. This can also happen when you are trying to remove the key.

Now that you know of common problems that can come up, what are you supposed to do? Before getting on the phone with your dealership, a mechanic or a local locksmith in your area, check to see if there is any debris inside of the ignition lock cylinder. Make sure that if the car isn’t starting, the problem isn’t actually just a dead battery. Once you have determined that the problem is definitely the ignition lock cylinder, you should call an expert. If your key is stuck right now, you can try wiggling it around gently to loosen it, but do not yank it as you will likely end up causing further damage. It is understandable that if you are in your driveway with your key stuck in the ignition, you will want to get it out, because it is likely on the same key ring as your house key. Just be cautious and be sure to avoid yanking the key. Moving the steering wheel slowly from side to side might also help to loosen and release the key. A locksmith such as Wake Forest Locksmith in Wake Forest, North Carolina is able to provide services such as broken key extraction as well as ignition cylinder replacement. There is sure to be a lock and security professional in your area that is willing to come to your location to remove the key for you, or to replace the ignition cylinder with something new.

Look Up A Locksmith

This is a problem which will likely eventually become eliminated completely as more and more vehicles are equipped with keyless access. But until then, it is a good idea to keep the contact information of a locksmith saved in your area. Many lock and security providers offer an abundance of automotive security solutions, and many of them offer better prices than mechanics and dealerships, depending on the issue. Do your research and make sure to hire someone reputable, licensed and insured in your area. Best of luck if you are dealing with a problematic ignition lock cylinder!